The Growing Gratitude Tree

Introducing the Growing Gratitude Tree- a daily ritual through which families connect, instill gratitude, and create a lifelong habit of shifting to a positive mindset.

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Why the Gratitude Tree?

We live in an era of instant gratification, yet we are more busy, disconnected, and discontent than ever.

The Growing Gratitude Tree connects families back together. Taking time together to reflect on and document what we are thankful for while creating a visual reminder. Cultivating gratitude elevates happiness, and teaches children an important skill for handling adversity.

In Praise of the Growing Gratitude Tree!

I love how this product teaches my children to develop a sense of gratitude. It shifts their focus away from things they think they want to what they already have and are grateful for.

Stacy K.

My family loves the Growing Gratitude Tree! It helps to remind us of what’s important in life and to be appreciative.

Traci G.

Life is busy and pulls us in every direction. The Growing Gratitude Tree is a great central focus to slow things down and focus on what really matters.

Linda W.

The Growing Gratitude Tree is exactly what’s needed to counteract instant gratification and entitlement our kids are facing today, plus it draws families closer together.

Erin C.

Simply being attentive and grateful can change your perspective about life.  It is easier said than done, and we need all the tools we can get! The Growing Gratitude Tree helps instill in us and our children the essentialness of this offering.  

Kim K.

I am so excited to learn about this product and can’t wait to purchase for our grandchildren’s bunk-room.  Happy to have a product that reinforces the values we hold dear and be able to share these in a tangible way.

Barbara Ann B.

About Jennifer

After graduating with a degree in computer science, during my first job as an engineer at Hewlett-Packard I saw the effects of technology being all-encompassing. Many of my peers were consumed with technology, and it made sense as new things were emerging quicker than anyone could expect- it was almost a full-time job to keep up!

Fast forwarding several years, my career shifted into the medical field and I became fascinated with the human brain- more specifically predisposition for happiness vs. depression. I studied neuroplasticity as a hobby and became convinced that anyone can choose happiness and train themselves to be more positive.

I became a mom and watching my 3 kids grow and their obsession with devices was concerning to me. My kids are my passion, and I wanted to protect them from the negative effects of technology they loved. Turning back to my happiness research, I decided I needed to focus us all on gratitude and The Growing Gratitude Tree was born! I chose gratitude because it’s the opposite of entitlement and a core practice of many who study happiness.

With gratitude,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Growing Gratitude Tree?
91 vinyl wall decals to form branches and leaves, your family writes what they are grateful for daily on a leaf and adds it to the tree creating a beautiful wall mural.
How big is it?
The full tree is 48”wide x 56” high, although alternate configurations are possible for smaller spaces.
Will it damage my paint/wallpaper?
No! It is suggested to wait 3 weeks for fresh paint/paper to dry before application.
What if I don’t have a large wall space?
You can get creative with the branch decals for smaller spaces!

Can I remove it once on the wall?
Yes if applied to a clean, dry surface the product is removable and repositionable!