What I Do

I help people remediate the cellular damage and health burdens of manmade EMF's and toxic emotions. Are you ready for lasting change and vibrant health?

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Jennifer was very professional, knowledgeable, convenient to work with and impressive. I wish I had found her years earlier.
Traci G.
Booking a session with Jennifer was one of the best things I have done for myself. I feel like I'm finally back to myself again after feeling off for so long.
Lynn D.
This was truly an amazing experience! Something I obviously needed. We worked on clearing deep emotional blocks, and I felt a huge difference after.
Sam S.
I've only had a consultation session so far, after watching her in an interview. I was surprised by the difference just one session has made, and will be doing more.
Laura C.
I had some lingering self doubt that was preventing me from moving forward with my work. Jennifer showed me some easy but effective tools that really helped me get past where I was stuck!
Vona V.

Everything happens for a reason, you're not here by chance.

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